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History and Structure


Netzer Germany was originally founded in 2000 as the youth department of the Union of Progressive Judaism in Germany, then under the name Jung und Jüdisch Junior. Since 2003, Netzer Germany has been part of the global Reform-Zionist and Progressive youth movement Netzer Olami of the World Union of Progressive Judaism. 

In November 2020 we – the young leaders – have become an independent, officially registered association and can call ourselves Netzer Germany e.V. The reason for becoming independent was the will to ensure the long-term existence and autonomy of our youth movement, so that our machanot and the Netzer spirit can continue to be experienced by our children and yours. 

With more than 30 active youth leaders and numerous children and youth, the leisure activities aimed at progressive Jewish matrilineal and patrilineal children have become established nationwide and also in the individual communities.

As a newly founded Snif (branch), we were reinstated in the international network of Netzer Olami in January 2021.

We look forward to the years and decades to come with you!


Netzer Germany e.V. is a grassroots democratic organization, run by the elected board called Mazkirut team.

The Mazkirut team consists of seven people and is made up as follows:

The Mazkir*a leads the team and is the chair within the meaning of club/association law. He*She is supported by the Co-Mazkir*a, the vice-chair. The chairs also represent Netzer Germany externally, for example at the Veidah of Netzer Olami, at which the chairs of all Netzer locations are present.

The responsibilities of the other five positions in the Mazkirut team are divided according to subject areas: There is the Rosh*a Chinuch for education, the Rosh*a Dat for religious matters, the Rosh*a Pirsum for public relations and two finance officers.

Each of these seven board members has equal voting rights in decisions relating to Netzer Germany e.V. (NeGeV) matters. The decisions made by the Mazkirut team therefore primarily affect day-to-day business.

However, fundamental decisions about the association can only be made by the Veidah, the general assembly. This takes place annually and is the most important organ of the association. There, the Mazkirut team is elected, changes to the statutes and other equally important topics for Netzer Germany are discussed and decided by election. All regular members of the association, i.e. Madrichim*ot, who have completed the youth leader training and are between 18 and 27 years old, are entitled to vote there.